Motion Restore Device

  • The "Motion Restore Device" (MRD) is used to prevent disorganized scarring and resultant adhesion formation that causes arthofibrosis
  • The MRD can be used with total joint replacements, as well as other musculosketal conditions and extremity trauma, during the early stage of healing
  • The MRD does active-assistive ROM in an open chain with patient participation to prepare them for functional closed chain activities
  • The zero resistance option allows the patient to focus on the ROM of a joint while protecting the healing tissues
  • The variable resistance option can put graded tension on the healing tissues at the appropriate time
  • Built in goniometer can be used to monitor joint ROM
  • The MRD's are fully adjustable and portable that fit all body sizes and aligns with the joint's inherent axis of motion
  • Can be purchased or rented for use in a home environment
  • US patent NO.: US 9,999,561 B2
  • FDA Registered

This MRD is intended to be an effective alternative to constant passive motion devices (CPM) and other rehabilitation tools used early in the healing process. It is affordable, functional, and portable to be used at home and in the clinic. Its simplicity helps the orthopedic surgeons rehab team better manage their patient’s recovery. More importantly, the MRD can be used to alter the dysfunctional muscle memory that can only occur when the patient is an active participant in their recovery.

Knee Flexion / Extension

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Surgeon likes that equipment is priced so that patients can purchase

The upper MRD provides a substantial improvement in dealing with the above problems. The resistance gauge gives both a reproducible resistance and a way to gradually increase the load as muscles recover. The machine allows rotation in the desired degree of flexion and/or abduction. The equipment is easy enough to understand and inexpensive enough that the patient who uses it under the direction of the therapist has the option to purchase a unit for continued use at home.

James A Urban,
M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

MRDs are adaptable and zero footprint

The upper MRD is an extremely versatile because I can use it with nearly any patient despite there age or stage. Not only is this machine adaptable to various body types and even joints, it essentially has a zero footprint that takes minimal floor space in my clinic. The unique two-way constant resistance design allows for my patients to get twice the workout in half the time, much like aquatic therapy without the expense of a pool.

Andrew Walquist PT, DPT, FAFS, OCS Spooner & Shaft Physical Therapy
Fountain Hills, AZ

PT surprised at speed of ROM Recovery

I had shoulder surgery in early November to repair a complete tear of my supraspinatus rotor cuff tendon and a shoulder impingement. I began to use the upper MRD 8 weeks after the surgery per the rehabilitation protocol given by my orthopedic surgeon to supplement my formal physical therapy. The upper MRD fit nicely into the protocol and allowed me to begin using the zero resistance feature of my range of motion in multiple axis. This was in addition to my formal physical therapy appointments at the Spooner and Shaft facility. I worked closely with my physical therapist from Spooner & Shaft to get his feedback and recommendations of how best to use the upper MRD to supplement my shoulder rehabilitation program. My physical therapist was surprised at how quickly I got back my range of motion after including the zero resistance upper MRD exercises.

Twelve weeks after my surgery, again following the protocol, I began adding resistance to my upper MRD exercises to begin strengthening. The unique capability of the upper MRD to provide constant resistance to the exercises being performed in all axes and directions of movement differentiate the upper MRD from the standard use of free weights, resistance bands and pulley types of standard physical therapy equipment. In conjunction with my physical therapy at Spooner & Shaft, I made very good progress to the point that after 4 months since my surgery, both my orthopedic surgeon and my physical therapist ‘’graduated” me to begin returning to normal activities and resume playing golf again.

I do not believe I could have reached this point had I not had the use of the upper MRD equipment to supplement my shoulder & arm rehabilitation program. I am continuing to use the upper MRD to retain my range of motion and shoulder strength.

Mike Cronin,
Rio Verde, AZ

Motion Restore Device has been outstanding additions to clinic

Both upper and lower MRD’s have been outstanding additions to my PT outpatient clinic. They are wonderful supplements to my manual therapy and other PROM/AAROM/AROM activities post knee surgery and injury. They are easy to use and do not take up much space. The patients love it as it gives them control over the extension and flexion knee stretch. The Physical Therapist can setup the patient on the machine and let them work on ROM for a specified time. The goniometer allows the patient to get feedback on degrees of progress.

Ken Greenstreet,
Owner of Fountain Hills Physical Therapy Clinic,
Fountain Hills, Arizona

MRD accelerated recovery

I had two knees replaced, six months apart. The lower MRD was one of the best part of my Physical Therapy and really accelerated my recovery. Because I had complete control over how far I could push the lever on the machine to get maximum bend, I did not worry about the pain, so I was not tensing up. I think being in control made me progress faster because I could ease back if it became too painful. I think the lower MRD really accelerated my recovery.

Peg Zarlengo,
Rio Verde, AZ

User of Lower MRD as follow up care

After experiencing osteoarthritis knee pain in both knees, I had the Synvisc injections for the past three years. To maintain my knee joints and assure full rotation, I exercise the knees with weighted knee strengthening exercises and to assure full knee rotation, I also use the lower MRD. After an extended “mall type stroll” or sitting in a confined space for any extended period of time, I will occasionally feel a slight “burning” behind the knee when I rotate the knee rearward. This sensation will totally disappear when I use the lower MRD!

RW, Roseville, MN

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